Thursday, August 2, 2012

Greg says I'm famous...

One of my former students sent me an e-mail today with the subject line "now you're famous".  He found me in photo 3 on this web site.  It's actually a picture of John Grotzinger (Project Scientist) from the news conference announcing the choice of landing sites more than a year ago.  I do look impressed with what he's saying - or maybe with his strength at being able to hold up the rover at chest height with one hand.  Greg was exaggerating.

But here is the UCDavis news release from today (video filmed late last week), which might make me wildly famous among my friends:

The text for the UCD news release is here and Capital Public Radio did a short news item after an interview with me.

I also talked to Nature reporter Eric Hand today.  He will be blogging science news from the mission.  Keep an eye out for discussions of Gale geology here.

ADDITION:  Eric's news item is really nice!

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