Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multimedia Extravaganza! Including William Shatner!

Okay, so William Shatner is my favorite narrator!  Just watch this video!  It doesn't get any better, ever!  (Except maybe his recital of Sara Palin's speech...)  Maybe Wil Wheaton is pretty good, too!

I suspect those of you at UCDavis are particularly fond of Shatner, having rubbed elbows with him at the transit of Venus so recently!

And then there's the rest of us:

JPL has great YouTube playlists called "The Challenges of Getting to Mars", "Cruising with Curiosity", and "Mars in a Minute".  Also, watch "The Science of Curiosity.

And for text, Ryan Anderson has a great blog:  Martian Chronicles, and Emily Lakdawalla has been blogging about space for years, and all her posts are great:  Snapshots from Space


PS:  Making it well past 3 am tonight in my quest for pre-landing time shifts!

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