Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day Off...

I took my first day off in almost 3 weeks!  I actually did a bit of work first thing in the morning, but then I managed not to read my Curiosity-related e-mail all the rest of the day.  I managed this by sticking to places with low bandwidth!

On my day off, I:
1) paid my bills and went to the bank;
2) did some UCD-related work;
3) went shopping - I found what will be my favorite store: El Super.  It has all sorts of interesting foods, including fresh garbanzo beans (a first for me) and a dozen corn tortillas for 39 cents!
4) slept
5) read Solaris by Stanislaw Lem - Science Fiction seems appropriate to read right now!
6) cooked a stew of buffalo, onions, poblano peppers, anaheim peppers, bell peppers, fresh garbanzo beans, zucchini, and spices including two types of dried chili.
7) cleaned house
8) failed to get my car smog checked - only a minor problem; all the places were too busy, and I had groceries in the trunk.

I spent most of the day in my apartment, which is charming.

The "dining"room.  The front door is down the stairs on the left.  The kitchen is to the right.

My living room couch is a TV stand covered with a camping pad and a Pendleton blanket.  The pillows provide the back.  It is surprisingly confortable, and I've actually even fallen asleep on it once!
I almost always end up sitting in this rocking chair, looking out to the NNW.  The chair is comfortable, and the view is amazing!  I have a large table-like desk to the left, where I also end up working.  However, my wireless connection isn't very good, so I end up doing e-mail, etc. in the walking closet next to a window there!
The view from my rocking chair.  This is looking out to the mountains just north of Malibu.  I don't know their name.  Catalina Island is often visible, but is almost entirely encased in the "marine layer" clouds in this image.  Griffith Park is behind the tree on the left.

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  1. I hear that 'Solaris' is a good book, though I haven't read it.