Monday, March 11, 2013

Virtual Curiosity

We have a CAD model of Curiosity in KeckCAVES!

The University of California Office of the President, otherwise known as UCOP, has a PR campaign called Onward California.  They have "stories" about faculty members that are professionally filmed by The Department of the Fourth Dimension.  I am the focus on one of their 2013 stories, and two videos were recently released with me in the KeckCAVES with Curiosity, Earth, and Mars.

This is the "official" Onward California release:

And here is the one with lots of Curiosity:

Oliver Kreylos blogged about the filming of these videos - he was a great help as always!  His blog and YouTube channel are great places to go for the latest in useful virtual reality.  

JPL is the place to go for information on Curiosity.

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